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That’s My Gig – Interview!
  Good morning :-) Today I wanted to post an interview that I did for ThatsMyGig.com recently. I have to say, this is by far the most in depth interview I've done to date. They really went deep into the key to success in the music business and it was my pleasure to answer those questions as best as I could. We talk about typical...

Interview with SoCalMusicToday.com
  Here's an interview I did the other day with Harriet Kaplan from SoCalMusicToday.com. We talked about Israel and my early influences with music and family. We also talked about the song writing process and the SoBar in Jerusalem :-) That picture by the way, was taken by my wife back in the day for Eastman Guitars...

Interview with RockTheNight.eu – In Bulgarian (with translation) :-)
  My friend Orlin Nikolov hit me up after seeing all the tabloid press in Bulgaria and asked if he could interview me. I was happy to oblige. Here is the actual interview - The only  interview I did for Bulgarian press. Here's the loose translation of the interview in English...

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