Under The Sun 2014 is almost here!

Under The Sun Tour 2014 Promo shot smaller

We’re so close…I can FEEL it!
For those of you who want more info…go to my Upcoming Shows page.
But if you just want some quick dates and cities, here you go 🙂

FYI, I will be rockin’ these great companies’ gear on stage. Hit me up if you have any questions about them (@SeanHMusic)
Shabat Guitars,  Digitech,  Mesa Boogie, Bogner,  LSL Instruments,  MI Audio,  Eastman Acoustics, David Allen Pickups, JColoccia Horus Reunion Blues to carry my guitars around 😉

6.27 – Omaha, NE
6.28 – Riverside, IA
6.29 – Springfield, IL
7.2 – Altom, IL
7.4 – Morrison, CO
7.5 – Hoffman Estates, IL (Solo Smash Mouth show)
7.8 – Columbus, OH
7.10 – Traverse City, MI
7.11 – Clarkston, MI
7.12 – Fort Wayne, IN
7.13 – Pittsburgh, PA
7.17 – Oshkosh, WI
7.18 – Prior Lake, MN
7.20 – Kettering, OH
7.22 – Boston, MA
7.23 – Jim Thorpe, PA
7.24 – Stamford, CT
7.25 – Asbury Park, NJ
7.26 – Atlantic City, NJ
7.27 – Solomons, MD
7.29 – Huntington, NY
7.30 – Glen Allen, VA
8.1 – Raleigh, NC
8.2 Atlanta, GA
8.3 – Clearwater, FL
8.5 – San Antonio, TX
8.7 – Albuquerque, NM
8.8 – Las Vegas, NV
8.9 – Valley center, CA
8.11 – Saratoga, CA
8.12 – Los Angeles, CA
8.13 – Paso Robles, CA

As usual, you can find me on TwitterFacebookInstagram or even my email
Hit me up 🙂

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Joining the “Reunion Blues” family

reunion blues artist emblem

I was recently turned on to this great company by my friend Hanan Rubinstein (Ellie Goulding, Alicia Keys, Keyshia Cole…).
Then, I also found out that my boy Marcelo Feldman was a sponsored artist with them!!!
So after speaking with Michelle from “Reunion Blues” and checking out the cases, I was SOLD!

If you play any instrument that you carry around to gigs,you should check them out.
Awesome, hi-end materials…and they also look great. 🙂

Here’s the link to my page on their website. (Photo cred: Mark Doyle, Stephen Lavoie & Tricia Glenn)
You’ll be seeing them with me this year on the #UnderTheSunTour2014 #UTS2014.
And for those who haven’t seen the dates yet….here ya go.

See ya out on the road.
Come say hi 🙂


New Film & TV page

I recently added a page to my website, called “Film & TV“.
It shows off a small portion of the work I’ve done over the years with some awesome partners (Louis Yoelin,
Stefan Lit
 & Rinat Arinos).

Other than seeing what cool shows I’ve had the pleasure of having music on, you can also listen to SOME of
that music on the page.

Film & TV Page

I hope you enjoy 🙂


Book-Of-Love-mp3-image          Let-It-All-Out-mp3-image              Forever-In-Your-Arms-mp3-image            Change-mp3-image


MI Audio – New sounds for ‘Under The Sun 2014’

MIAudio_logo_WhiteFor year now, one of my main tones in my live rig has been an MI Audio ‘Crunch Box’.

It’s the closest I could get  to my Bogner Shiva dirty channel, with a pedal.
When I couldn’t use my Shiva (Fly dates etc.) I would use this pedal, and I was always blown away 🙂

Recently, my good friend Phil Traina, also known as ‘The Gear Concierge’, introduced me to Dave at MI Audio
and from there on Dave and I talked about gear, gear and more gear.
I told him I was looking for some new tones for my Summer tour and he was all about it!

So now, I’m happy to say that the sounds you’ll be hearing me play this summer on the Smash Mouth show, will be MI Audio.
I can’t wait to get out there and BLAST some stages, with our sound guys’ approval of course 😉

Hit me up any time if you have questions about gear, tones, guitar, pedals and effects.
I love talking about that $h!t.
As usual, you can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or even my email

#SmashMouth   #UnderTheSunTour2014   #UTS2014


MI Audio #1

Eastman Acoustics – On board!

Eastman_Guitars_logo White20140325_152745Yes!

As some of you have seen before on my instagram, I was rockin’ an Eastman AC522CE a few weeks ago.

I discovered them this year at NAMM and was blown away by some of their work.
I recently went to the factory in Pomona where they set up a few guitars for me to try out from the models I selected.

I’d like to thank Tim Nelson, Ari Baron & Mark Herring of “Eastman Guitars” for helping me find these beauties (AC522CE, E10SS & an EU3-T Uke) and taking me under their wing.

I’m looking forward to many years of working with them and their incredible instruments (They also make Banjos, Mandolins and more).

See you all on out there on the road, or hit me up on twitter @SeanHmusic


#UnderTheSunTour2014   #UTS2014   #SmashMouth





Under The Sun Tour 2014 – Dates are here!!!


The dates are here!!!
Just go to my Upcoming shows page and you’ll see all of the new shows, dates and locations.
There’s a good chance we’re gonna be adding more dates soon…I’ll let you know if we do.

In the mean time…look for us at a town near you and come say hi, grab a pic!
I’ll see you out there.


Smash Mouth-3

Shows and #UnderTheSunTour2014

Wow…it’s been a busy few months and it looks like it’s gonna get even busier soon enough…if ya know what I mean 😉

We had a few great shows this last weekend.
Got to perform for a wonderful and charitable crowd in San Diego. They were all there to donate
their time and money to “Augies Quest” a wonderful organization trying to find a cure for ALS disease.
Everyone was very nice and we all partied after the show 🙂
The day after that, we performed at a festival in Sulphur, LA.
What can I say…we got treated SOOOO well and everyone had such a good time during the show…even with the rain 🙂
I’ll be adding some the pics with the fans on my Fan Pics Page. Go look for yourself and tag away.

As I mentioned to a few people, the “Under The Sun” Tour (#UnderTheSunTour2014) is almost all finalized
and we’re looking at about 8 weeks of ROOOOCK! It’s gonna be a blast.
I’ll be putting up the dates as soon as I get permission to.
Looking forward to coming to a city near you.

Hit me up on my FB or Twitter  and let me know when you’ll be coming.
I’d love to meet all of you…or as many as I can…so hit me up.

Have a great week.





Digitech’s artist of the week!

Thanks to Digitech and Tom Cram for supporting me all along and for making some AWESOME freakin’ pedals.
And I gotta show some love to my boy Mark Doyle who shot this amazing picture at our last NYC show.

If you’ve never tried this pedal , I urge you to.
It’s got SO many options.
Let’s just say it IS Tom Morello’s (Rage Against The Machine) main effect 🙂
Enough said right?

Have a great weekend everyone.

Digitech Sean

A creative February

February is turning out to be a GREAT month for writing some new material.
I’m very lucky to be writing again with my great friend and awesome Nashville Based singer Shannon McArthur.
We are recording a really cool and vibey Folk album this month.
I’m also recording a some rockin’ Garage Rock songs…always trying to keep busy 🙂
Hopefully you’ll be hearing them on TV soon enough.

Go check out my boy Shannon on his website.
Here are some songs of his from back in the day.

Vegas show and back to NAMM

Damn! What a great crowd in Vegas. Packed the place and rocked them out!
Band sounded great. I was trying my new stereo rig situation which sounded awesome (well, I thought so).

Had an amazing time hanging with Roy Kariok  (Toni Braxton) and Hanan Rubinstein (Alicia Keys, Ellie Goulding) at NAMM.
Those guys are SICK!
And guess what…I’ll be back tomorrow (Sunday) for some more gear checking and picture taking.


Screen shot 2014-01-26 at 5.47.38 AM



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