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Getaway Car Solo – Go Pro Style!


Hey everybody 🙂
Man, it is NOT easy to edit all the content that I have on the bus.
But since I’ve got a few hours in a hotel room, here ya go…some cool footage from my GoPro of the song
“Getaway Car” form our our summer tour 2015 featuring “Tonic“, “Toad The West Sprocket” and “Smash Mouth” 🙂

Enjoy…and give me some ideas of cool spots for the Go Pro 🙂

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Since many of you ask me what gear I use on the road…
Shabat Guitars,  Digitech,  LSL Instruments,  Eastman AcousticsDavid Allen PickupsJColoccia Horus Reunion BluesUltimate Ears  & DR Strings 

One week before tour!!!!

Blue Smash Mouth

We are one week away from putting our gear on the bus and heading out to Woodinville, WA for the first
show of the tour with Toad The Wet Sprocket and Tonic!!! Can’t WAIT…I’m STOKED!!!

If you haven’t seen the tour dates yet…here they are, below…but you can find MORE details on this page 🙂

6.19 – Woodinville WA

6.20 – Reno, NV

6.21 – Jacksonville. OR

6.23 – Redding, CA

6.24 – Saratoga, CA

6.26 – Temecula, CA

6.27 – Las Vegas, NV

6.28 – San Diego, CA

6.30 – Park City, UT

7.1 – Pueblo, CO

7.2 – Arvada, CO

7.4 – O’fallon. MO

7.5 – Milwaukee, WI

7.9 – Oshkosh, WI

7.10 – Aurora, IL

7.11 – Champagne, IL

7.14 – London, Ontario, Canada

7.16 – New Bedford, MA

7.17 – Orkney Springs, VA

7.18 – Atlantic City, NJ

7.19 – Hagerstown, MD

7.21 – Winsoton-Salem, NC

7.22 – Wilmington, NC

7.23 – Atlanta, GA

7.25 – Dallas, TX

Hit me up any time , you can always reach me on Insta & Twitter (@SeanHMusic).

See you all soon!


Tour dates up!

Smash Mouth 2015 Tour NIKK 940x380 for web


Well, the tour dates are up and we’re revvin’ the engines.
Might still  be some changes here and there, but it is going DOWN!

Check the dates out here

Lookin’ forward to seein’ all of you on the road.
Make sure you come say hi if I’m in your hood 🙂

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Connect connect connect.

Have a great weekend.


Since many of you ask me what gear I use on the road…
Shabat Guitars,  Digitech,  LSL Instruments,  MI Audio,  Eastman AcousticsDavid Allen PickupsJColoccia Horus Reunion BluesUltimate Ears 

Successful trip to Israel and radio interview :)

Sobar event

Well, I’m back from Israel (and off to NJ).
It was an absolute pleasure playing with the Sobar Band and other artists including my buddies Daniel Brecher
(“Hayehudim”, “Drugstore Fanatics”) and Eyal Glass (“Deep Sea Creatures”) for the wonderful Fundraising event.

We also did this radio interview while I was there with the awesome Mottle Wolfe.
Check it out here 🙂

Looking forward to more continued success for the foundations I work with.
As usual, hit me up any time…more dates coming up soon for the summer tour.




Visit to Israel, the Sobar Fund raiser and the Interview in “The Jerusalem Post”

SoBar Flyer

Hey y’all!

So, I arrived this morning (5am) in Israel for a week.
Other than a quick visit with my family before touring season starts, I am here to play a fund raiser with my boy
Daniel Brecher (Drugstore Fanatics) and a bunch of other artists for the Sobar in Jerusalem.

Here is an article about my connection to the Sobar, written by David Brinn, Editor for “The Jerusalem Post” here
in Israel.

Hope you enjoy 🙂
Gotta support the music!



Summer tour dates!!!


WHAT’S UP?!?!?!?! 🙂

Here we are, spring is in the air (allergies) and the summer is nearly upon us!!!
Although we haven’t been given the OK to post ALL the dates yet, there are a bunch of them
already up on the map and the engines are revving!
For those of you who don’t know yet, we will be out with our boys Tonic & Toad The Wet Sprocket…as you can see
on the flyer on top 🙂 Gonna be killer!!!!

The gear this year is gonna be cool, I’m still debating on which amps to use, but I still have my other incredible gear by:
Shabat Guitars,  Digitech,  LSL Instruments,  MI Audio,  Eastman AcousticsDavid Allen PickupsJColoccia Horus Reunion BluesUltimate Ears English Laundry
Shout out to all these companies for helping me prep for tours!!!


On another note, I will soon be coming out with my own social media app.
It will have exclusive prizes and goodies for everyone. Tryin’ to get it ready for the summer, hopefully before!

For now, as usual, you can always reach me on Insta & Twitter (@SeanHMusic).
Can’t wait to see y’all on the road this summer!!!!!!!!


New Sean Comics!

971 x 398, final Signed

I recently had the pleasure of meeting this incredible artist…Nicole Stone!
Hailing from Wales, UK…she helped me re-create the vibe of the website and also created these
awesome Illustrations you can see on the main page.

Gotta give it up to her, great eye for detail 🙂

Hope you like the new website look and the new music. Please let me know which songs you liked
more, or less, so I know what to put up in the future…I only have HUNDREDS of songs available…haha.

Thanks again Nicole!


Just joined Tumblr…Help! :)


What’s up!!!

I just joined Tumblr. I have NO idea what’s going…haha.
Who wants to show me around?

Go ahead, recommend some thing for me to see and do on there.
I’m looking to make it even MORE personal than my Twitter and FB….sooooo….we’ll see how that goes.



NAMM 2015 and…”Smash Mouth” Live Album?

NAMM was awesome this year.
I had a chance to hang out with some old friends, meet some new ones, and most important…connect with
some of my favorite companies who support me on the road and in the studio.

Here’s a reminder of who they are…
Shabat Guitars,  Digitech,  Mesa BoogieBogner,  LSL Instruments,  MI Audio,  Eastman AcousticsDavid Allen PickupsJColoccia Horus Reunion BluesUltimate Ears English Laundry

Also got to mess around with some new amps I’m looking into……..

ANYWAY…Smash Mouth LIVE album anyone?
We’re in the final mixes stage right now. I can’t say when it’ll be out, but I’m pretty sure it’ll happen before the summer tour!
Lookin’ forward to a busy year with the guys and some new adventures at home in LA, please feel free
to keep in touch…you know how to find me!
TwitterFacebookInstagram or even my email

Hit me up :-)


Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 3.46.26 PMScreen Shot 2015-01-27 at 3.47.02 PM

Texans vrs. Redskins Game!!!


Two weekend ago, as many of you know, we got to play the half time show for the Texans/Redskins game at NRG Stadium
in Houston, TX.
What you probably DON’T know is that it was my first time EVER at a Football game…but let’s keep that under wraps 😉

It was a crazy experience and I’m glad it all went well. Can’t wait to get the video feed and share it with everyone!
They were all VERY nice and as a result of us playing the show, they won the game 🙂 Haha…Go Texans!

Now we’re off to Denver for a gig and then I get to spend all of Sunday in the studio
with one of my favorite producers at the moment, Bradley Kohn.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



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