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New Sean Comics!

971 x 398, final Signed

I recently had the pleasure of meeting this incredible artist…Nicole Stone!
Hailing from Wales, UK…she helped me re-create the vibe of the website and also created these
awesome Illustrations you can see on the main page.

Gotta give it up to her, great eye for detail 🙂

Hope you like the new website look and the new music. Please let me know which songs you liked
more, or less, so I know what to put up in the future…I only have HUNDREDS of songs available…haha.

Thanks again Nicole!


New Fan pics :-)

Got some new fan pics up on the Fan Page. Pics from Texas, Rhode Island & Costa Rica with some great people.
Gimme more.
Let’s see who’s taken some pics with me!
Send them my way  and go tag yourself on the page 🙂