Sound check with Enrique Iglesias, in Abu Dhabi 2015

[youtube id=”YS2zajhxNH8″ width=”624″ height=”360″]

What’s up everyone 🙂
We recently performed with Enrique Iglesias in Abu Dhabi for the F1 Racing Concert Series.
It was an incredible experience (30K+ People) made even more so when I saw pics of my favorite band
from childhood, Bon Jovi, who had played there a few weeks before us, on the same stage.
Amazing experience!
As usual, I always try to give you guys a cool view of my life on the road, so, here is a clip I recorded of the song
“Takin’ Back My Love” from our sound check.
What you will hear is MAINLY Drums (Van Romaine) and Percussion (Gilmar Gomes).
The bigger BAND sound you are hearing, and any guitars, vocals, keys are all coming from the PA…far away from where I am 😛
Anyway, I think it’s a cool vibe of us on stage.
I hope you enjoy , make sure to turn on the HD 😉
Feel free to reach out as usual and let me know what YOU would like to see (Don’t ask me for Enrique footage, I can’t do that).
You know how to reach me, and in case you don’t…..
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Keep in touch :-)
FYI, in this video I’m using a Gibson J200, DR Strings &  Ultimate Ears Pro