Born in 1979 in Israel to American Parents Ira and (Dr.) Judy Lieman-Hurwitz. I found my love for music at a very young age, through my exposure to Israeli artists such as Gidi Gov and Mashina and British artists such as Eric Clapton and Pink Floyd.
But even before that, I grew up listening to SO much American music that my parents played in the house and on long drives.
Eric Clapton, Yes and even Tom Lehrer come to mind.

I had my first experience playing a musical instrument at age 7, when I started taking piano lessons. Though, it was my introduction to the movie “Back to the Future” that ignited my desire for a totally different instrument. After watching Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) rock out on a Gibson ES- 345 electric guitar to “Johnny Be Good” (Chuck Berry), I knew that I was meant to pick up my own guitar and perform live in venues all over the world.
My parents bought me my first guitar not long after I expressed this desire to play, and my father taught me my first few chords.

Over the ensuing years, I continued to teach myself guitar, while also being given the opportunity to learn about producing successful live shows. Years later, by age 21, I become quite the popular audio engineer and stage tech in Israel. While working closely with all the great Israeli artists at that time (Hadag Nachash, Monica Sex, Barry Sacharof to name a few), I never forgot my original dream, which was to play and perform music for a living.

Moving To Los Angeles

At age 23, after a terrorist attack in Israel affected me very deeply, I decided that I couldn’t afford to waste another moment and moved to LA to follow that dream.
I paid my dues and worked my way up the LA music scene while playing with many unsigned solo artists & bands. It was during this time that I met my good friend and drummer Randy Cooke, who eventually helped me get my first signed artist gig with Singer Songwriter Anna Nalick. I then joined Nalick on the road while she promoted her second Studio Album “Shine”. Randy also brought me on with Smash Mouth in 2011 when the guitar spot became available.

Over the years, I’ve also had the pleasure of sharing both stage and studio with many artists including Enrique Iglesias, Nick Carter, Smash MouthGin BlossomsChris Wallace, Ferras, Judith Hill and many more. In addition to being a live musician, I’ve also written, produced & recorded hundreds upon hundreds of songs (since 2007) that are constantly being licensed to TV, Film and Radio use worldwide.

The Future

My goals these days are to take what I know and what I’ve learned and share it with the next generation of artists/musicians. Whether it be through my YouTube videos or one on one mentoring, I want to do what so many wonderful people did for me in my career and help other musicians and artists find long lasting success in this crazy music world of ours.