New Vid and Summer Tour talks…

Camelback HikingHi everybody.

So, we had a nice long weekend in Arizona a few days ago.
Got a chance to catch up with old friends over a nice hike at ‘Camelback‘ and also
got a chance to play with my boys Kelley james and Chris Jagich at W Hotel in Scottsdale on Friday night.
All in all it was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to get to Alaska for our next shows.
Oh, you can check out the Latest Video (on my home page) which I got from this weekend’s show. It’s called Getaway Car. Oldie but goodie from Smash Mouth.

In regards to the 2014 Summer Tour, I don’t wanna give anything away, but everything is almost in place.
Soon enough we will know the lineup. Whether or not I’ll be able to tell you is another story 😉
Follow me and we’ll find out together.

Have a great week


“Under The Sun” in 360

Together with Vineet from “360 Panormamas”, we put together an awesome blog about our
“Under The Sun Tour 2013” with Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms, Vertical Horizon & Fastball.

This Blog is a quick glimpse at my personal journey for those 2 months with a cell phone in my hand…in Camera mode 🙂

Here’s the blog Enjoy 🙂

27-07-2013 08.04.27

Sean’s Life Story interview – by Alex Obert

Sean BWHere’s a great in depth interview by my boy Alex Obert.

We discuss everything!
From my life story, where I’m from, the amazing opportunities I’ve had as a musician etc. and on to my personal experiences on the road, who I would LOVE to play with (Spolier alert -Foo Fighters) and my plans for the future.

Enjoy my friends and thank you for reading.
Feel free to share it if you like.

– Sean

New Fan pics :-)

Got some new fan pics up on the Fan Page. Pics from Texas, Rhode Island & Costa Rica with some great people.
Gimme more.
Let’s see who’s taken some pics with me!
Send them my way  and go tag yourself on the page 🙂



Smash Mouth new shows Dec 2013

I’ve just been informed that we are going to be playing two shows in Alaska after the new year comes in.
I know it’s gonna be FRRRRRREEAAAZING, but I’m hoping someone will show us around.
Michael Klooster, Jason Sutter and myself will want to look around for sure 🙂

So who’s gonna show us around?
Email me or hit me up on my FB page!

See y’all soon


Smash Mouth in Costa Rica

Here we are at the Hard Rock Cafe in San Jose.
They have great food so far and we had a press conference today.
Tomorrow, volcanos, water falls etc. 🙂


NYC Show shots

My buddy Mark Doyle got a bunch of great shots from our show at
Gramercy Theatre in NY last week.

Here are the photos and here’s a link to his website 

Smash Mouth-5

Smash Mouth Bus Run November 2013

We set out for a quick Bus Run on November 21st.
Such an awesome run, hanging with the guys and performing for all the fans.
We got to pull out some classics this time around, like “Padrino”, “Pacific Coast Party”, “Story Of My Life” and more.
Always fun playing the songs that fans ask for time and time again 😉

Heading back home and en route for Costa Rica next…not a bad way to end the year 🙂


Check out Jason Sutter (Drummer – Smash Mouth)

Don’t forget to support my boy Jason Sutter  (Drummer – Smash Mouth, Marilyn Manson and more)
in the Modern Drummer Readers Poll 2014 competition.


2014readers Smashmouth_IMG5919Tagd


Elevating Overman with Jason Alexander

Spent a few days in the studio with the incredible Bruce Ferber (@BruuuceF) and Jason Alexander (@IJasonAlexander). We were working on the audio book version of Bruces’ awesome book “Elevating Overman“.

I’ll be looking forward to the movie in a  few years 🙂


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