Interview with – In Bulgarian (with translation) :-)


My friend Orlin Nikolov hit me up after seeing all the tabloid press in Bulgaria and asked if he could interview me.
I was happy to oblige.

Here is the actual interview – The only  interview I did for Bulgarian press.

Here’s the loose translation of the interview in English 🙂


“I looked for Sean, because I read piles of rubbish sites, anonymous materials on how “Creole from the group of Enrique” was attacked “atrocities in the middle of Sofia”, “Enrique involved in ugly action” – we all know the style of tabloids and this will not surprise anyone. The worst lie was, however, another – that he will remember this incident with Bulgaria. And as recently I know Sean personally, I -decided to check what exactly the truth was. Yellow news are not interesting, so this conversation involves mainly music:

 – Hello, Sean! I’m glad that we’re talking again! How are you doing?

What’s up Orlin? 🙂
It was so nice to finally meet you in person the other day.
I’m doing good man, happy to be home and can’t wait for our next show.

– Tell us about your work with Enrique – 

What can I say? I had the privilege of joining Enrique and his camp in August of last year and it’s been an incredible experience ever since. Great band, great crew, great boss. What more could I ask for?
I get to travel the world and perform Enrique’s hits in front of thousands of screaming fans. It’s a great feeling.

– We’ve noticed that you didn’t move a lot on that stage that last concert in Sofia 

Yeah my knee was a little banged up from an incident we had the night before.
I hope you still enjoyed everyone’s performances.

 – Tell us about this weird accident that happened in the center of the town

Eh, not much to say, it could have happened anywhere.
It was just a freak accident.
While a few of us were walking to dinner in downtown Sofia, we came across a couple of punks who were looking for a fight. They started beating our bass player out of nowhere.
While the other guitarist and I rushed to help him we had a quick little altercation. Nothing major at all. Everyone escaped unharmed except for my knees, haha. They just got scraped when I fell on the floor. Like I said, nothing major. These things unfortunately happen all over the world and I’m very thankful no one got hurt. I’m also thankful to the good Samaritans (locals and foreigners) who came to help us out and made sure we all got back to the hotel safely.

– And did this accident affect you – some yellow newspapers said it will be the thing that you’ll remember Sofia by

Not at all…maybe it will go in the vault of my tour stories!
I have some wonderful friends in L.A. that are from Bulgaria.
I’ve also made some nice friends in Bulgaria (like yourself).
What I DO remember is a GREAT show with awesome fans! Also, a guy in the crowd proposed to his girlfriend (now fiancé) on the stage that night.

– We love your other band, Smash Mouth – do you have some new material? When can we expect a new album, we are waiting for new songs since 2012

You know, Enrique’s been keeping me very busy on the road.
I haven’t done a show with Smash Mouth in a few months now. But to the best of my knowledge from talking to the guys, they are working on some new material.
We also have a live album that is coming out, but it’s through Sony…so, I’m not sure what their plans are for releasing it. It’s really cool actually. It sounds amazing. Our drummer Jason Sutter produced it and it came out awesome!

– And if Smash Mouth goes on a European Tour, would you consider performing again in Sofia

I’d love to come to Sofia again, with Smash Mouth, Enrique Iglesias, or just for fun with my wife.
I hope it will be sooner rather than later.


See you soon on a stage near you 🙂


Incident in Bulgaria

Hi Everyone 🙂

It has been brought to my attention that there are some tabloid articles about Enrique’s band’s involvement in an incident in Bulgaria that have been completely taken out of context and manipulated.

Here’s what actually happened:

A few of us were walking in a totally safe part of town in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Our bass player got attacked in front of us out of NOWHERE by 2 guys.
Me and the other guitarist yelled at them and kind of rushed them a bit to get the attention off of our bass player.

They left him alone and came after us.
Once we were all free, we ran for it and tried to get into the busier area, with a lot of people.
They ran after us, but eventually gave up. We went back quickly with some other locals to see if our female singer was OK, but she was already back at the hotel, thankfully.

I just wanted to go on record and say that although it was an unfortunate event, I personally think Bulgaria is awesome.
The people are so friendly and warm.
And from my experience, other than some weird altercation we had the night before the show, I didn’t encounter any racism or violence in Bulgaria, ever.
In fact, I saw a lot of people that were ashamed this had happened to us in THEIR country.
They all felt horrible and assumed that we got a bad taste of their wonderful country.

I didn’t get a bad taste.
As I’ve said before, these things happen sometimes. They are senseless acts of violence and they unfortunately occur worldwide.
They do not reflect my thoughts about Bulgaria in any way.

I’m glad that we were all more or less unharmed and I hope you all believe me when I say we had a GREAT time in Bulgaria with all of Enrique’s fans!
The concert was awesome! It was a sold out show and the fans were amazing!
I look forward to returning there soon.

Thank you for all the kind wishes.
Be well.


Interview with “Digital Tour Bus”

Smashmouth San Diego-1

Hey everybody 🙂

First time I met the “Digital Tour Bus” guys, was on the road with Smash Mouth in 2013 during the “Under The Sun” Tour.
They shot a “Bus Invaders” episode about our bus...during which Steve made sure to point out my drawer
of vitamins and protein powders haha 🙂

This time, they hit me up to write a few tips about touring.
Some notes that touring musicians might find useful on the road.
So here you go, here are my Digital Bus -Tour Tips for the professional musician (or anyone else interested) 🙂

Hope you enjoy.
Hit me up if you have any questions as always.

Time to go work out.
Have a great day.


Big Blend Magazine Article

Sean Cover Story

So stoked to see the followup article to our radio show together.
The ladies at “Big Blend Radio“, Lisa and Nancy, wrote this piece on me.
Go check it out right here.

Photos taken by Jessica Katharsys (Left) & Lior Keter (Top Right).

Enjoy 🙂


Big Blend Radio Interview

Big Blend Radio

Just had a great chat with Lisa and Nancy on their radio show Big Blend Radio.
We chatted about Israel, South Africa, Touring with #EnriqueIglesias and #SmashMouth, influences in music etc.

You can listen to the show right here

For anyone listening who is interested in my songs that they played, here are the links:

Followed – Glenna Bree
Right This Time – Shane Simon

Also, the music foundations I work with who support young musicians in NJ and Israel 🙂
* The Project Matters
* The SoBar Jerusalem



Interview with Mark Papadatos of


44 Smaller

Hi everyone 🙂

I just got done with a show in Russia and saw that my interview with Mark Papadatos got published.
He had some cool questions about working with different artists, including Enrique Iglesias and Anna Nalick.
We also chatted about daily motivation, charities I work with and what I might like to say to the fans etc.
Anyway, cool quick interview with some nice questions.


Oh, also…if you’re into any of the people/charities I mentioned there…here are some hyperlinks for ya 🙂

* Pic by Alan Cortes

* Charities mentioned “SoBar Jerusalem” & “The Project Matters
  FYI, The SoBar is currently (as I’m writing this) running a fundraiser for a youth center.
  Please go check it out if you feel so inclined. It would mean a lot to them, and to me as well.

Michael “Nomad” Ripoll  (Musical Director & Guitarist for “Kenny ‘Babyface’ Edmonds“) who wrote #TheCareerGuitarist
  Really cool e-Book series with guide lines for future musicians who want to get in the game.

That’s it 🙂
Enjoy the read


Nice article on MI2N


Just a quick link to a cool article about me on MI2N

Enjoy 😉


Joining the “Moody Leather” and Wikipedia families



2016-02-17 08-1.18.21

Hi all 🙂
Just wanted to shout out to another new product that I endorse.
I am now a proud owner of “Moody Leather” guitar straps.
Super comfortable, amazing quality.
You can see me use them live with Enrique Iglesias and Smash Mouth all over the world.

Also, I have a new Wikipedia page put up by the awesome Amy Fitzgerald.
Check it out and see if ya learn anything new about me 😉

Looking forward to meeting you all face to face and talking about gear…and other things haha 😉
Got some new EI and SM pics coming along any day now.
Happy to hand them out upon request

Hit me up any time
Instagram, Twitter, Email, Facebook…all the links are on here (top of the page).
Keep in touch :-)


Photo credit to Alejandro Martinez Photography


Sound check with Enrique Iglesias, in Abu Dhabi 2015

What’s up everyone 🙂

We recently performed with Enrique Iglesias in Abu Dhabi for the F1 Racing Concert Series.
It was an incredible experience (30K+ People) made even more so when I saw pics of my favorite band
from childhood, Bon Jovi, who had played there a few weeks before us, on the same stage.
Amazing experience!

As usual, I always try to give you guys a cool view of my life on the road, so, here is a clip I recorded of the song
“Takin’ Back My Love” from our sound check.
What you will hear is MAINLY Drums (Van Romaine) and Percussion (Gilmar Gomes).
The bigger BAND sound you are hearing, and any guitars, vocals, keys are all coming from the PA…far away from where I am 😛
Anyway, I think it’s a cool vibe of us on stage.

I hope you enjoy , make sure to turn on the HD 😉
Feel free to reach out as usual and let me know what YOU would like to see (Don’t ask me for Enrique footage, I can’t do that).

You know how to reach me, and in case you don’t…..
Instagram, Twitter, Email, Facebook…all the links are on here (top of the page).
Keep in touch :-)


FYI, in this video I’m using a Gibson J200, DR Strings &  Ultimate Ears Pro


Playing with Mr. Enrique Iglesias

ei 940x380 for website

Wow! It has DEFINITELY been a while since my last blog, so let me get you up to date 🙂

For the past few months I’ve had the pleasure of playing with the awesome “Enrique Iglesias”!
It came right on time, after a great summer tour with “Smash Mouth”.

I’ve also gotten married to my wonderful Fiancée. We had a nice ceremony in Vegas with a bunch of our friends
BETWEEN a few legs of the Enrique tour. It was great to see a lot of people and catch up..and also, get married 😉

In case you’re wondering, no, I haven’t LEFT “Smash Mouth”…that being said, they may move on since I can’t do some of the gigs
as some of you have noticed when you came to see me and I wasn’t there 😛
So…whoever takes over…I’ll make sure and come watch you play when I can haha.
I miss the guys a lot…and you guys (the fans) as well.

Anyway…I gotta hop on a plane to Ecuador right now.
Hit me up any time, you know how to reach me 🙂

Instagram, Twitter, Email, Facebook…all the links are on here (top of the page).
Keep in touch 🙂


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