More dates announced for Nick Carter!

Sup y’all.
So there were a few dates that got rescheduled from January to March on the Nick Carter “Who I Am 2024 Tour”.

4 dates on the Who I Am Tour have been rescheduled. All previously purchased tickets and VIPs will be honored.

March 3rd 2024 – Buenos Aires, Argentina (rescheduled from January 22nd)
March 6th 2024 – Lima, Peru (rescheduled from January 24th)
March 9th 2024 – Guayaquil, Ecuador (rescheduled from January 10th)
March 12th 2024 – Bogota, Colombia (rescheduled from January 12th)

Hope to see you all there.
I’ll have guitar picks ready to go now that I know you all want them haha 🙂
See ya there!