November, 2013

Smash Mouth Bus Run November 2013

We set out for a quick Bus Run on November 21st.
Such an awesome run, hanging with the guys and performing for all the fans.
We got to pull out some classics this time around, like “Padrino”, “Pacific Coast Party”, “Story Of My Life” and more.
Always fun playing the songs that fans ask for time and time again 😉

Heading back home and en route for Costa Rica next…not a bad way to end the year 🙂


Check out Jason Sutter (Drummer – Smash Mouth)

Don’t forget to support my boy Jason Sutter  (Drummer – Smash Mouth, Marilyn Manson and more)
in the Modern Drummer Readers Poll 2014 competition.


2014readers Smashmouth_IMG5919Tagd


Elevating Overman with Jason Alexander

Spent a few days in the studio with the incredible Bruce Ferber (@BruuuceF) and Jason Alexander (@IJasonAlexander). We were working on the audio book version of Bruces’ awesome book “Elevating Overman“.

I’ll be looking forward to the movie in a  few years 🙂


Manila show and photos

Here are some killer shots by my friend Stephen Lavoie from our show in Manila.
Amazing crowd, amazing time being back with Sugar Ray & Gin Blossoms for this one.
Can’t wait to go back 🙂