June, 2015

Smash Mouth – fun facts about sound check vid :-)

First off, make sure you watch this in hi res for full effect and keep the volume a bit lower since
you’re listening to STAGE volume…pretty loud 🙂

So here are a few funny things about this video –

You’ll see about 30 seconds in that I’m looking back at my rig. What I’m looking at is my RJM Effects Gizmo unit
to see if it’s getting MIDI and changing my sounds.
I see the unit isn’t getting my MIDI Program change commands so I call my awesome guitar tech Tyler Dragness
to come over. As he comes over, you can hear him sing “More baby” with me and crackin’ me up!
I tell him what’s going on and he goes to check it about a minute into the vid.

At about 1:22 I’m cheering up our Sound Engineer and Tour Manager Patrick Bojanic by chanting “Go Paddie, Go Paddie” into
my mic (you can’t really hear it, but HE can) 🙂

Around 1:35, I  check that what Tyler did worked, and it did…apparently he had just put the MIDI cable into the output rather
than the input, causing a little mixup (as he tells me at 2:30).

At 1:59 I royally screw up and make a stupid face 😛

And that’s about it folks 🙂
Hope you enjoyed the insight into the sound check and hearing “Can’t Get Enough of You baby” in a more…special way.

Also, for those who like the info, I’m using my Blonde Shabat Guitar (My model) that has some David Allen Pickups in it,
I gotta admit, I don’t remember which, Dave probably knows better than me haha.
You can see my awesome Red, 3D printed UE-RM In Ears in my ears. They are crystal clear and I have a few sets of them,
just in case 😉

The sound is a little harsh because of the #GoPro mic and the fact that it’s pointed at the amps 😛
Other than that, if ya have any more questions, feel free to ask me!



Getaway Car Solo – Go Pro Style!


Hey everybody 🙂
Man, it is NOT easy to edit all the content that I have on the bus.
But since I’ve got a few hours in a hotel room, here ya go…some cool footage from my GoPro of the song
“Getaway Car” form our our summer tour 2015 featuring “Tonic“, “Toad The West Sprocket” and “Smash Mouth” 🙂

Enjoy…and give me some ideas of cool spots for the Go Pro 🙂

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Since many of you ask me what gear I use on the road…
Shabat Guitars,  Digitech,  LSL Instruments,  Eastman AcousticsDavid Allen PickupsJColoccia Horus Reunion BluesUltimate Ears  & DR Strings 

One week before tour!!!!

Blue Smash Mouth

We are one week away from putting our gear on the bus and heading out to Woodinville, WA for the first
show of the tour with Toad The Wet Sprocket and Tonic!!! Can’t WAIT…I’m STOKED!!!

If you haven’t seen the tour dates yet…here they are, below…but you can find MORE details on this page 🙂

6.19 – Woodinville WA

6.20 – Reno, NV

6.21 – Jacksonville. OR

6.23 – Redding, CA

6.24 – Saratoga, CA

6.26 – Temecula, CA

6.27 – Las Vegas, NV

6.28 – San Diego, CA

6.30 – Park City, UT

7.1 – Pueblo, CO

7.2 – Arvada, CO

7.4 – O’fallon. MO

7.5 – Milwaukee, WI

7.9 – Oshkosh, WI

7.10 – Aurora, IL

7.11 – Champagne, IL

7.14 – London, Ontario, Canada

7.16 – New Bedford, MA

7.17 – Orkney Springs, VA

7.18 – Atlantic City, NJ

7.19 – Hagerstown, MD

7.21 – Winsoton-Salem, NC

7.22 – Wilmington, NC

7.23 – Atlanta, GA

7.25 – Dallas, TX

Hit me up any time , you can always reach me on Insta & Twitter (@SeanHMusic).

See you all soon!


Quick post about an article – Israel21c


After a great show in Hawaii (Kauai actually) and a show down here in SoCal (Beaumont,CA) last night with my Smash Mouth boys,
I got this nice article written by Abigail Klein Leichman of ISRAEL21c – A Focus Beyond.

Read article here

Other than that, I’m getting all my gear ready for the tour that starts in a couple of weeks!!!

See y’all out there 🙂