Incident in Bulgaria

Hi Everyone 🙂

It has been brought to my attention that there are some tabloid articles about Enrique’s band’s involvement in an incident in Bulgaria that have been completely taken out of context and manipulated.

Here’s what actually happened:

A few of us were walking in a totally safe part of town in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Our bass player got attacked in front of us out of NOWHERE by 2 guys.
Me and the other guitarist yelled at them and kind of rushed them a bit to get the attention off of our bass player.

They left him alone and came after us.
Once we were all free, we ran for it and tried to get into the busier area, with a lot of people.
They ran after us, but eventually gave up. We went back quickly with some other locals to see if our female singer was OK, but she was already back at the hotel, thankfully.

I just wanted to go on record and say that although it was an unfortunate event, I personally think Bulgaria is awesome.
The people are so friendly and warm.
And from my experience, other than some weird altercation we had the night before the show, I didn’t encounter any racism or violence in Bulgaria, ever.
In fact, I saw a lot of people that were ashamed this had happened to us in THEIR country.
They all felt horrible and assumed that we got a bad taste of their wonderful country.

I didn’t get a bad taste.
As I’ve said before, these things happen sometimes. They are senseless acts of violence and they unfortunately occur worldwide.
They do not reflect my thoughts about Bulgaria in any way.

I’m glad that we were all more or less unharmed and I hope you all believe me when I say we had a GREAT time in Bulgaria with all of Enrique’s fans!
The concert was awesome! It was a sold out show and the fans were amazing!
I look forward to returning there soon.

Thank you for all the kind wishes.
Be well.