Undeniably Curious Podcast

What an honor to be on the new podcast, Undeniably Curious!
Josh asked me to be a part of it after Brandon Turner (BiggerPockets.com) introduced us.
I’ve been following those guys and listening to their BiggerPockets Podcasts for YEARS.

Anyway, enough talking…go check it out 🙂 Video below 😉

Time Stamps

(0:00) Episode 1 preview
(0:58) Introduction to today’s guest, Sean Hurwitz
(5:24) A rockstar story: Only a few days to learn 23 songs
(7:18) The start of Sean’s music career with Smashmouth // Networking like a Rockstar
(14:42) Performing in Iraq with Smashmouth
(21:18) Authentic networking // Being able to deliver will take you far
(27:56) Inspiration from Michael J Fox & Bon Jovi // Starting with a beginner’s guitar
(31:30) Transition into becoming an audio engineer // Moving to the states
(33:40) Trusting the “You know what to do” gut feeling // Trust what makes you unique, and know your fundamentals
(40:38) A word to the average 9-5’ers
(43:19) Calculated risk
(48:11) Treating others with respect // Staying “grounded”
(55:06) Making a living as a musician (Long-term thinking)
(1:09:04) Sean’s two topics that he believes every school should teach
(1:10:56) Staying healthy (on the road)
(1:28:27) Sean’s mindset/philosophy on eating meat
(1:38:02) Touring with Enrique Iglesias // Best venue experiences
(1:42:00) Overcoming the inevitable nerves // Playing in front of 80,000 people / Public speaking
(1:47:49) The best part about fan interactions
(1:49:22) Twitter Q (@grahammcbain): What is one thing you have in common with a successful person who does something totally different than you?
(1:50:11) Twitter Q (@DaveVisaya): How do you stay creative and relevant to ever-changing needs/demands/likes of people?
(1:54:01) Sean’s mission is to perform until he reaches his 60’s
(1:54:45) You can connect with Sean through common denominators in life, and through common friends as well
(1:56:33) Sean Hurwitz x Foo Fighters?
(1:57:09) Bucket list…
(1:58:08) Is there an expiration date on an artist’s vocals?
(Sorry Paul!)
(2:01:51) Final Impact: Has curiosity ever gotten you in trouble?
(2:02:38) Final Impact: Whose life would you live? What specific day?
(2:04:06) Final Impact: What would your tombstone one-liner be?
(2:04:23) Final Impact: Most impactful book?
(2:05:32) How to connect with Sean